Alexey Beshenov

My name is Alexey Beshenov (Алексей Бешéнов).

my photo
(a photo of me in Gemeentemuseum Den Haag)

I am interested in number theory and arithmetic algebraic geometry.


Teaching: my lectures in San Salvador

Since 2016 I have been collaborating with the Ministry of Education of El Salvador (Central America) and the Department of Mathematics of the University of El Salvador, giving lectures to undergraduate and master students. Here you can find various lecture notes, exercises, and exams that I have typed during my visits to San Salvador. Everything is in Spanish.

Some old lecture notes

I typed these notes while I was a master student in Bordeaux. All the mistakes are mine.


Email: c a d a d r arroba gmail punto com.

Note: don't look for me on Facebook. Instead, consult Richard Stallman's page "Reasons not to be used by Facebook".


Here's a picture of me as an anteater (oso hormiguero):
(courtesy of the Chilean artist Mauro Ceballos)

Here are some of my photos from Central America.

Here's a frequently asked question: what is cadadr?
It is actually a rather random word, similar to "abracadabra", that came to my mind when I was looking for a domain name. It comes from a function in a computer programming language named LISP, where (cadadr x) = (car (cdr (car (cdr x)))). It was not intended to sound like cadavre or anything like that and it is not my nickname either.

Finally, here are some links that I have collected mostly for myself.

Господи, как мир волшебен,
как всё в мире хорошо.
Я пою богам молебен,
я стираюсь в порошок
перед видом столь могучих,
столь таинственных вещей,
что проносятся на тучах
в образе мешка свечей.
Боже мой, всё в мире пышно,
благолепно и умно.
Богу молятся неслышно
море, лось, кувшин, гумно,
свечка, всадник, человек,
ложка и Хаджи-Абрек.

(А. И. Введенский)