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My Film Photography Archive

Analogue photography is my precious hobby. I have shot lots of film rolls and now I finally organized the scanned photos into an online archive. Most of the pictures come with a note on the camera and film used. For any feedback, use my e-mail alexey point beshenov arobase math point u-bordeaux point fr

Here is a full list of collections (mostly from my tourist trips in Europe):





Misc Portraits

I am sorry that most of the photos, especially pictures of notable tourist locations, lack proper descriptions. I will probably fill the gaps some day.

The best camera I had was Canon EOS 5, but it was stolen in Bologna (presumably by someone who thought it was a digital SLR). Probably I've become less enthusiastic about taking pictures after this accident. I still own Olympus OM-20, Zenit TTL, and Ricoh 500GX, and I found recently Canon EOS 300V.

Lomography produces replicas of famous models of film cameras, but they may be made entirely of plastic (including the lenses) and they are expensive. I think the best option is to buy old second-hand cameras at flea markets.

The best black & white films are produced by ILFORD. The 35mm film sold by Lomography is known to mess up the colors, but I usually don't care and this film may be the cheapest available in stores. The Lomography stuff are just rebranded rolls of existing films, but in this archive I label pictures as "Lomography ISO XXX" when it's something bought from Lomography.

I take my film to photo stores and they develop and scan all the rolls for me. Here are some places I recommend:

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